Santa-Ad-250x210HOLIDAY SALE! The softcover edition is now just $7.95 until December 25th - reduced from $12.95! But you have to buy it here, and before we run out of copies! 

Help kids whose families are facing cancer. Take away their fear by giving them CHEMORELLA, the most meaningful Cinderella story ever! 

Buy CHEMORELLA at our store and Ken and Katy will autograph it for the kids! After you buy it, click on "Contact" (above) to tell us their names and any other details so we can write a meaningful message to them. 

CHEMORELLA is 60 pages, all in full color, with 28 illustrations, and is written in English and Spanish, side-by-side. The book is truly for everyone. Adults and teens laugh at its edgy send of humor, while kids love the illustrations and the messages about hope, love and acceptance. The drawings and their bilingual captions tell the whole story if you are reading the book to a very young child. 




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