Chemorella necklace Chemorella necklace: a spectacular, hand-polished, rhodium-plated pendant with matching chain. Starting at $19.95. 

People will not stop looking at it! And they won't stop smiling at it, too! It combines the magic of Cinderella with the power of Chemorella herself, the modern princess who meets her future, beats the odds, and makes it happen without the aid of a fairy godmother. 

The Chemorella pendant is a symbol of strength. It is the symbol of the person who is not a victim but a warrior. It inspires, gives hope, and announces your solidarity with the vast community of men, women and children who have been touched in some way by cancer. 

The pendant and chain shine like a mirror because they are plated with rhodium, a precious metal in the platinum family which costs 10 times more than gold. This Chemorella won't get tarnish or scratched with ordinary use.

The pendant comes in two sizes: 1.5 inches (medium) for $19.95 and 2.0 inches (large) for $24.95. Each comes with either the 16" or 18" chain necklace. Select your pendant size and then your chain length.




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