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CHEMORELLA is a story about tolerance, perserverance and hope. Its main character is a young woman who is fighting cancer. Treatment has made her  bald and depressed. She copes by making hand-painted sneakers that are the best in the world. They lead her to love, and her perserverance brings her back to health. 

CHEMORELLA is possibly the most meaningful “Cinderella story” ever told. Written in English and Spanish side-by-side, with illustrations on every other page, it was named a “Best Book of 2010” (Borders in Puerto Rico). The authors are Katy Franco, who lived it as a breast cancer patient, and her then-boyfriend Ken Phillips, who now is her husband. (Watch FROM COMIC TO CHEMORELLA to see how Katy went from being a standup comic to a cancer patient and then a breast cancer awareness spokesperson.) 

CHEMORELLA is for readers aged 10 and up who are fighting cancer or need to cope with a diagnosis in a family member or a friend. It tells the patient that “everyone who knows you loves you.” To friends and family members (especially children) it says that everything is going to be okay. Get it in hardcover or softcover right here at

Check out Katy talking about how CHEMORELLA was based on her own real-life fight with breast cancer, and how the book has helped so many people deal with the disease:



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