From reviewers:

One of the "Best of 2010.” Borders Bookstore, San Juan PR.


"Five stars. A fairy tale love story complete with a struggling heroine, villains, a lost shoe, and a determined prince. Written in English and Spanish, this bilingual book will charm readers of all ages as it teaches and entertains." Pam Stephan,


“CHEMORELLA should be in the library of every person who has been touched by cancer! … The highest recommendation … I have made it available for our ten grandchildren." Steve Wilson, Psychologist; Founder, World Laughter Tour, Inc.


"With humor and compassion, CHEMORELLA addresses challenges cancer patients face….Funny, inspirational and educational, CHEMORELLA leaves chemo patients and their families hopeful about the future and makes the perfect gift for anyone who is fighting cancer, as well as for children and other family members who are affected by a loved one's cancer diagnosis." Awareness Magazine, Sept.-Oct. 2012.


“Chemorella’s story is a delightful way of portraying the experiences of being diagnosed with breast cancer and the aftercare that follows, and that a positive outlook can enhance healing. What a wonderful story to help those patients working through breast cancer treatment. The illustrations are beautifully done, and having the text in Spanish alongside the English is such a great benefit to the non-English-speaking patient.” Nora N. Hansen, M.D., Chief, Division of Breast Surgery, and Director, Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center.


"What a lovely, sweet and kind book for children of families managing the impact of cancer treatment. I recommend that families who are experiencing the countless emotional changes generated by the diagnosis of cancer read this book together. It is supportive of the fears and kind in its telling." Susan Lindau, LCSW.


"A modern-day fairy tale accessible to young or old, healthy or ill.... A soulful gift of immeasurable worth. Gently written, delightfully illustrated and quick to read... A welcome tool for helping cancer patients and their families navigate the tough world of life-threatening illness." Margot Desannoy, LMFCT, Award-Winning Children’s Book Author.


"Inspiring, hysterically clever and uplifting! I love that Chemorella saves her own life and gets the love of her life too... Written with grace, wit and most importantly, hope. I will be sharing this book with all my clients who are affected by cancer." Debi Jenkins Frankle LMFT, Co-founder of Calabasas Counseling and Grief Recovery Center.


"A battle cry in the fight against cancer.... Delightful, witty and funny, from start to happy ending, in fairytale style, Prince Charming and all." Caribbean Business Journal.


"This book will help any patient and her family with laughter and hope for the future.  I would recommend Chemorella to anyone facing cancer or other serious illnesses."


This is a great book for the whole family, because the whole family is involved in the illness, not just the patient. I appreciate that the book is bilingual. The illustrations are gorgeous.... A very nice adaptation, and great for the whole family, even littler kids.” Hayley Kolb,


"A charming children’s story about a single young woman who must choose between hair and life when she is diagnosed with the Big C.... A great tool for teaching young girls to cope with the disease. And it might even be a salve for grown women, too.... It’s a sweet book...." Bob Andelman ("Mr. Media"), Cancer treatment can’t get best of Chemorella author! (2012 Video Interview).


"Every once in awhile, I'm asked to review important books. I think that CHEMORELLA ... is one of those books.... A book for that moment in the process when you believe it's real, but are too numb to know how you feel about it.... This is not really a children's book, but it can be shared and enjoyed with children. It is honest and uplifting at the same time. It makes it okay to talk about cancer and makes space to talk about fears, but also about hope, tools, and resources. The humor is gentle - you understand why in the shock of it all, hair seems so crucial. And maybe most importantly, it lets the rest of us in, so we can better be there for the Chemorellas(os) in our lives." Bohemia Mia.


"[H]eartfelt, funny, and cute, while giving a good story. The fact that it is bilingual makes it even more appealing, and the illustrations are done in an animated, colorful style that really draws the eye....  I would recommend it to teens and young adults, or for anyone that might need some positive encouragement while dealing with serious illness.... 'Chemorella' is a delightful story that makes a good point- it’s not what life brings you, it’s what you do with it that matters.” Justine Burgess, Living Mi Vida Loca.


“[Chemorella] leads us to a beautiful conclusion, ‘Everyone who knows you, loves you!’  Not only did that phrase bring me to tears, but it alone serves as one of the largest motivators for those who fight and have fought cancer. That statement is a happy ever after for everyone.” Jessica M. Wilson, The Mind, A Dormant Stone.

From readers:

"Whether the reader is someone undergoing cancer treatment, is a survivor, or knows someone with cancer or any life-threatening illness, CHEMORELLA brings warmth, encouragement and humor into your life. It's even in English and Spanish side by side. Since life itself can seem life-threatening to everyone at times, this gem is well suited for anyone who is seeking hope. What an inspirational book!" Allene P (reader).


"I loved this funny book! It was given to me when I was going through chemotherapy! It's a great pick-me-up!" Maureen in Louisiana (reader).


"I suggest reading it to your children so that they don't panic when they see their mom getting bald." Di in Barranquitas (reader).

"Great book! Funny stuff (in such a serious time). LOL!" Kate in North Carolina (reader).



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